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MSCA 2017 Presidency conference ‘Mobility takes research further’

13 March 2017

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aDDRess and CodeAge Final ITN Conference: Abstract book now online!

03 November 2016

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Björn Schumacher presentation on BR alpha Campus

7 October 2016

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The overall objectives of the Network are:

  • To establish the foundations for systems biology approaches of the chronic DNA damage response (DDR) in ageing by integrating research from basic mechanisms to translational research and clinical applications.
  • To create an excellent European research network dedicated for the training of ESRs in key technologies promoting their independent career and enabling them to achieve their own scientific goals and enhance their future employment prospects. To reach this goal, we aim at establishing platforms of excellence for biological tools, technology, training and dissemination that will form the core of the CodeAge ITN
  • To transform our current fruitful, long-term collaborations into a stronger intellectual and training network and build links between the participating labs and the industry (SMEs) and thus provide complementary ESR training in academia and the private sector.