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28 September 2015



The 3rd CodeAge/aDDRess/MARriAGE Annual Meeting and Joint Scientific Workshop on "Genetic Model Organisms in Ageing Research" as well as the Complementary Skills Workshop on Scholarly Publishing and Writing on 21-23 September 2015 in Cologne was a great success.
On the first day the open Joint Scientific Workshop attracted more than 130 participants whereas day 2 had been dedicated to the individual Annual Meetings of the three Marie Curie ITNs. On day 3 Elsevier hosted the "Complementary Skills Workshop on Scholarly Publishing & Writing" together with the aDDRess and CodeAge coordinators.

For more details and the detailed programme please refer to the Workshop overview article as well.

Day 1 - 3rd Joint Scientific Workshop

DSC 0016On Day 1, 21 September 2015, which was open for external participants, 130 people participated in the Joint Scientific Workshop with the topic "Genetic Model Organisms in Ageing Research". Many interesting lectures from all networks were held, most notably the Keynote lectures that introduced the Network sessions by Adam Antebi (CodeAge), Jens Brüning (aDDRess) and Niels de Wind (MARriAGE).

Overall the atmosphere was very good, with enough Coffee breaks in between to allow constant concentration and exchange of opinions in between. Many questions were asked during the workshop, which allowed an open and interesting dialogue between the speakers, that represented the research done by their Network, and the audience.

In the evening about 70 people used the opportunity to attend the welcome dinner at Peters Brauhaus in the City centre of Cologne in order to exchange views and to interact in between the three ITNs.


Day 2 - Network Annual Meetings

IMG 7075On Day 2, 22 September 2015 the CodeAge, aDDRess and MARriAGE Annual Meetings took place in parallel, followed by the Steering Committee Meetings in the evening which were followed by individual meetings between fellows and supervisors.

At 6:30 PM all Fellows could take part in the so called "Kölsch Tour" a guided city tour around the central city of Cologne, again there was time for interaction as well as get to know "Kölsch" lifestyle a bit.

Day 3 - Complementary Skills Workshop

On Day 3, 23 September 2015 all Fellows attended the Complementary Skills Workshop on "Scholarly Publishing and Writing" which was hosted by Elsevier. It was divided into three sessions: "How to publish?", "How to evaluate?" and "How to scientifically converse?".


Please find all photos of the meeting in our photo gallery.