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MSCA 2017 Presidency conference ‘Mobility takes research further’

13 March 2017

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aDDRess and CodeAge Final ITN Conference: Abstract book now online!

03 November 2016

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Björn Schumacher presentation on BR alpha Campus

7 October 2016

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ESR 11
Lydia Ntari
Biomedcode Hellas S.A., Preclinical Drug Evaluation Unit, Greece


Biomedcode Hellas S.A., Preclinical Drug Evaluation Unit

Alexander Fleming Street 34

16672 Vari, Greece
Tel: +30 210 9655366


I chose to study Biology due to my interest in life and its complexity.

During my undergraduate years, I decided to focus on Medical Biology, as I was fascinated by the effect of various kinds of conditions/diseases in human life. Motivated by my studies, during which I became more familiar with the concept of ageing and its consequences in everyday life, and my interest in applying genetic research techniques in medicine, I applied for a position in the CodeAge project. I believe that being a member of this research network is going to be a great opportunity for me, in cooperation with all my co-fellows, to explore and gain deeper understanding of the mechanisms of ageing and by these means to contribute to the potential development of new therapies against age-related conditions.