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MSCA 2017 Presidency conference ‘Mobility takes research further’

13 March 2017

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aDDRess and CodeAge Final ITN Conference: Abstract book now online!

03 November 2016

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Björn Schumacher presentation on BR alpha Campus

7 October 2016

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Diletta Edifizi
University of Cologne, Germany


University of Cologne
CECAD Cluster of Excellence in Ageing Research
Zülpicher Str. 47A

50674 Cologne, Germany
Tel: +49 221 4701960


There are no ideal conditions to write, study, work or think, but it is only the will, the passion and the stubbornness to push a man to pursue his own project.

Since I was a child the desire to discover and understand the mechanisms that characterize everything surrounding us has pushed me to follow the career as a biologist, always motivated and determined to achieve my goals and develop scientific abilities, hoping in this way to give my contribution to the great puzzle that is science.

The CodeAge ITN, in order to develop therapeutic strategies to understand the mechanisms involved in delaying age-related pathology, promoted the creation of a strong intellectual and training network, in which I have just been included. I hope that becoming a member of this network will allow me to pursue my aims and have a role in the fate of the research. In the scientific world once a problem is solved, always new problems arise, that´s why it is important to work in team, share ideas, being "international" and adaptable to any kind of change or difficulty...because never forget, more than a finder your are a RESEARCHER!